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Serious Side Effects of Constipation

Constipation itself can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Unfortunately, it also comes with its own side effects that can be as uncomfortable and painful as the constipation itself. Prevent constipation and seek medical treatment immediately for any current constipation issues to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Since many people strain to pass stool when they become constipated, they often become afflicted with hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are veins in the anus that can become inflamed and protrude from the outside of the anus. Some people think they feel like small worms. Hemorrhoids can be itchy and painful if not treated. Since they often accompany constipation, they can make passing stool even more difficult and painful.


Constipation can result in malnutrition in a couple of ways. When some people become constipated, they feel bloated and full, resulting in fasting.

If constipation continues for a long period of time, the person experiencing these symptoms may skip meals in order to feel less bloated or uncomfortable. Since constipation also accompanies missing intestinal flora, the intestines may not be absorbing all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Many people also complain of a foul odor when they become constipated, which is a side effect of toxins that the body might be holding on to during constipation, resulting in toxins flooding the system.

Constipation can also place added stress on your body, make you feel sluggish or tired and negatively affect your cardiovascular and immune systems. The added stress can also contribute to the high levels of stress that may have caused the constipation in the first place.

Medical Error

Since many doctors prescribe medications for constipation and many sufferers of constipation simply look for a “quick fix” in laxatives or over-the-counter treatments before trying more natural methods of treatment, there is a higher risk of medical error, side effects or misdiagnosis. When you take too many laxatives or constipation medications, you have a higher risk of damage to your system.

Your digestive system may not be able to handle high dosages of laxatives that may worsen your discomfort instead of correcting your constipation.

Female Reproductive Problems

Many women who suffer from constipation also suffer from related reproductive problems. Since the reproductive organs and the digestive system are closely linked and in a close proximity of each other, they are often linked. Women who constantly experience issues with their digestion often experience issues with reproduction.

Colon Cancer

Studies show that people who experience chronic constipation often develop colon cancer later in life or have a family history of colon cancer. Constipation can cause the large intestines to thin, resulting in lesions and polyps.

Though constipation can feel uncomfortable, the pain is not always the worst symptom. Seek medical help if you feel you might have chronic constipation or suffer from one or more of these symptoms on a regular basis.