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Foods to Avoid When You’re Constipated

So you’re constipated? First off, we are sorry – we have been there too. The discomfort, the pressure, the feeling of having to go but nothing happens. Trust us, we know! However, we also know about how you are likely feeling – mainly, your love/hate relationship with food.

For depending on how far along your constipation is, there is a very good chance that you are hungry. Or maybe you’re not, but you know you need to eat. So what to do?

Should you simply not eat? Of course not, the body needs fuel. However, what you eat should be of the most important, for not all foods are created equal, and when it comes to constipation, some can just make matters worse.

Dairy Products

This one can sting, especially if you are anything like us and love our dairy. However, foods such as cheese (especially cheese), ice cream, yogurt, and other foods that you may know as “binding” are among the variety you are going to want to avoid.

Tasty, sure, but remember that the point is to go, not to further compound the problem.

Red Meat

Probably our favorite food, regardless the variety, it should be noted that while not a specific cause of constipation, the problem is that when eaten, it will likely take the place of the food you should be eating; mainly, fiber-rich food.

Frozen Dinners

You could be thinking to yourself if you’re constipated that the thought of having to cook a meal is the last thing you want to do. And perhaps, the best idea seems to just throw in a quick frozen dinner into the microwave and be on with your day. The problem is, that while convenient, they are high in fat and low in fiber, a bad combination of for a constipation sufferer.


These are a catch 22, mainly for the fact that they can both be a source of constipation and of constipation relief.

The deal is, it all depends on how ripe they are. Unripe bananas are constipating while ripe ones are filled with helpful fiber.

Fried Foods

This one may seem like a no-brainer, however, you may be surprised at how often doctors have to reaffirm this fact. Greasy foods like donuts, fries, pizza, and fried chicken will do nothing for you other than slow down your already slow digestive tract. Instead of ordering a bucket of chicken, try and bowl of salad. You’ll thank us later.