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Constipation: What NOT To Do

It has happened to most of us, although, nobody really likes to talk about it – constipation. Constipation is when bowel movements are infrequent or hard to pass. Constipation is a common cause of painful defecation.

Severe constipation includes obstipation (failure to pass stools or gas) and fecal impaction, which can progress to bowel obstruction and become life-threatening. And if you haven’t experienced it before; trust us, it isn’t pleasant.

Sadly, constipation is a reality for millions of people and usually, when it occurs, all that those individuals can think of is what can be done for relief. While there are options available, very often, it can be helpful to flip one’s mindset and instead of thinking of what they should do, they should be focused on what they shouldn’t do.

So what shouldn’t you do when constipated? Glad you asked.

Eat processed food: When it comes to our internal plumbing, eating the right food is vital.

Processed foods are high in fat and slow down the digestion prices. According to Dr. Toyia James-Stevenson, MD, processed foods are also loaded with fructans, which are additives used to extend the shelf life of packaged food but destroy our natural digestive process.

Drink alcohol and caffeine: Dehydration plays a big role in constipation and excessive caffeine and alcohol can strip your body of the hydration it needs for proper bowel movements. While it might not be the most liberating of liquids, a big glass water is the best thing you can drink when feeling “backed-up.”

Consume lots of dairy: Trying to pass gas when constipated isn’t only difficult, it can be downright painful.

Most of us are familiar with the effect of dairy and how it can makes us feel bloated when consumed. For this reason, it is often best to skip your yogurt snack or ice cream dessert, for while it you might enjoy it in the moment, you will likely be kicking yourself later.

Not work out: Have you ever been on a run or mid set at the gym and found yourself looking for the nearest restroom? That is because exercise has a great way of regulating the body and its digestive system.

Take painkillers: Pain to some degree is often a reality in many of our lives. From a sore back to a splitting headache, very often we find ourselves heading to the medicine cabinet for relief. However, many pain reliever medications can lead to constipation, including ibuprofen and naproxen.

While constipation is never a pleasant experience, very often, its presence doesn’t mean that we get to put our lives on hold. It is for that reason that knowing the things to avoid when constipated cannot only help you and your plumbing get back on track, but it can also help you trudge through your daily life until that glorious day comes.