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Constipation Is No Laughing Matter

Do you think that constipation isn’t a big deal? You might, for that opinion is a commonly held one, but unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Annually, in the U.S., 700,000 people are seen in hospital emergency wards for this problem.

Since 2006 there’s been a shocking 42% increase in constipation, costing 1.6 billion dollars. So what gives?

For many people, constipation is simply a chronic annoyance, but Dr. John R. Hyatt, gastroenterologist at the Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano in Texas, says, “It can also result in hemorrhoids, anal tears, fissures, rectal prolapse and fecal impaction.”

A poor lifestyle is often responsible for many cases of constipation. Dr. Michael Levitt, an Australian colon-rectal surgeon writes in The Bowel Book that bowels work best when stools resemble the shape and consistency of an unripe banana.

So what can be done about it, and how can you prevent complication associated with constipation? Well first off, don’t be among those who fall prey to the catchy advertisements that promote laxatives. While they can provide temporary relief, prolonged use can destroy the nerves in the bowel, resulting in a lifetime of laxative use.

One of the biggest problems in relation to constipation is that most North Americans only get 15 grams of dietary fibre daily, when it should be double that amount. If your stools float, thats a good indicator that you are getting enough fibre.

According to Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, “There is a normal, safe and effective natural remedy that works 99% of the time. Many years ago I interviewed Dr.

Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Prize winner. During my interview with Pauling he made a chance remark that surprised me. He said, “I always take a high dose of powdered vitamin C in the morning as it stops constipation”.

“How much vitamin C is needed varies from person to person. But a good starting dose is 2,000 milligrams (mgs) at bedtime and another 2,000 mg with breakfast. There’s a good chance of a BM in about 30 minutes. If this does not happen, gradually increase the dosage. Eventually grunting will stop. And who wants to face the embarrassment of fecal impaction?

“There’s an added advantage of decreasing the risk of coronary attack and other cardiovascular troubles, a win win situation easily achieved with zero side-effects.”

So next time you find that your plumbing isn’t working the way it should, instead of turning to commercial laxatives, you might want to turn vitamin C as your go to method of relief.