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Colonics for Constipation

Colonics have become a popular way to remove waste and lose weight in the past 10 years. Though colonics can help remove several pounds of waste due to excess fecal matter affixed to your colon wall, they may not aid in all issues related to constipation. Find out if a colonic is a good treatment for your constipation.

What is a Colonic?

A colonic is a process where a tube is inserted into the anus and water is used to flush out the colon and lower intestine of excess waste that can build up in the body over time. Since the body can trap waste that may not be flushed out of the body naturally, up to 10 pounds of excess fecal material can end up trapped in our colons.

How is a Colonic Performed?

The day before your colonic, you’ll be asked to take a fiber supplement to help loosen your stool and make it more easily soluble. You simply need to take the fiber supplement before bed and refrain from eating anything the next morning. Drink plenty of water the day before your colonic and the day of your colonic to help make your waste more soluble.

When you arrive at the clinic, you’ll change into a paper gown. Your colonic specialist will lead you to a special table that has a plastic tube and a basin for waste.

After applying a lubricant on your anus, your specialist will insert a plastic tube into your anus. The specialist will adjust the water flow so water comfortable shoots into your colon. You’ll need to release the muscles in your anus every 30 seconds. After 30 minutes of this flushing, the specialist will remove the tube and allow you to use the toilet.

At this point, you’ll be able to see how much waste the colonic removed from your colon.

What are the Benefits of a Colonic?

Colonics can help remove extra waste and toxins that may become trapped in your colon and lower intestines. Sometimes our colons cannot remove all the waste residue that can build up.

When you get a colonic, the water system can help to safely and gently remove this waste and bacteria. Over the years, your body can hold up to 10 pounds of extra waste.

What are the Side Effects of a Colonic?

Some studies suggest that colonics can remove the healthy bacteria in the intestines as well as the excess waste. While these studies have not been proved, many scientists suggest that the colon can easily remake the healthy flora found in your digestive system.

Can Colonics Help with Constipation?

Since constipation can be caused by dehydration or the inactivity of the colon muscles, a colonic can help to hydrate the waste in your lower intestine, bulk your waste and allow your colon to move your waste naturally through your digestive system. If your constipation is caused by stress or other factors, a colonic may help temporarily, but you’ll need to seek other methods of treatment in order to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Colonics can help ease the short-term pain of constipation as well as keep your digestive system from becoming backed up by toxins or fecal matter built up in your colon. Talk to your doctor about possible side effects or health-related issues before heading to a clinic.